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My path is, I am sure, like yours, colourful. As a lifelong learner, I completed my MBA focusing on Strategic Management. My passion for inspiring the new generation to conserve our environment led me down a path to complete my PhD in Environmental Management with a focus on Green Strategy. My focus areas include ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) and futures thinking. Developing sustainable strategies require research and analysis. As an inquisitive thinker, I tend to excel at this. I love to spend my time in nature, finding inspiration to tell the stories of hope for a greener tomorrow.

What I do?

Be the change you want to see in the world
Green strategy design - my focus on strategy and my passion for the environment led me to try to change the world by inspiring and providing tools for a green business future.
Environmental journalism & Speaker - I tell the stories of those who cannot speak. Featuring those who are making a difference in conservation. Inspiring a new generation to preserve our planet. Find my stories at my web-page

Green Strategy

Environmental futures and their impact on your business. Green strategy design including scenarios, systems thinking, ESG, environmental perceptions.

Research & Analytics

Strategy analysis. The latest insights and research to inform your strategy utilising my research consulting services at iFeedback.

Keynote Speaker

Telling the stories for those who cannot speak. How do good people screw up the environment. Change your mind to fix the world.

ESG Strategy

As a lecturer in ethics and governance, my focus has broadened to include ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) How can I assist?

Conservation Journalist

If every last piece of land is paved where will the beauty be? Nature doesn't need us we need nature. Visit

Future Focussed

Are we able to adapt to our changing complex environment? Experiencing natural ecosystems is critical to find solutions.

Sustainability & ESG Strategy

Consulting Services

Always Focused On Growth​ Of Clients

Always Focused On
Growth​ Of Clients

Well-designed sustainability solutions do not have to compromise business success. ESG should expand market opportunities, reduce overheads and make your company a great workplace.
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Other Services

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Keynote Speaking

Contact me for keynote speaking and training requests

ESG & Strategy

Consulting Training

Consulting & Training in Strategy, Governace, Ethics and Environment

Writing & Photography

Environmental Journalism

Contact me to tell your environmental stories on Conservation Mag

Environmental Strategy Solutions

Societal solutions for natural ecosystem stability

“If no mistake you have made, yet losing you are... a different game you should play” ~ Yoda
My life pursuit is to find strategic and ethical solutions to address the immensely complex environmental challenges we face on our blue planet today. The astounding task to protect our habitat is impossible unless we consider the important societal issues we face, firstly locally and ultimately globally. Dealing with environmental adversity is not new in nature; wildlife has developed amazing strategies over millennia to survive. I have a passion for finding scientifically proven solutions for everyday problems inspired by nature and supported by ethical principles.

Latest Articles

Environmentalists, falling into two camps, namely preservationists and conservationists, have been at odds about the difference between conservation and preservation. Is there a difference, or are we creating artificial human-made fences? What's in a word? To many, the difference between the


“Right now we are facing our greatest threat in thousands of years, climate change." Sir David Attenborough presented the BBC's latest Climate Change video - Climate Change: the facts. It is a fantastic Video, and I have included it for you to watch. In this article, I highlighted some key


Media reports have indicated that the Cape Town whales have gone, and sighted clickbait sensationalist reasons. Should we be concerned? I spoke to Dr Els Vermeulen (research manager at the whale unit) to clarify what their research indicates. Southern right whales are one of the favourite


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iFeedback Research Services

Keep track of change, trends and opinions

“The desire to know is natural to good men.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci
I provide research and data collection services through my company iFeedback to most of South Africa's top academic institutions. I specialise in quantitative research and data collection. Please feel welcome to contact me or go to the iFeedback website to find out more.

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